Responsible Schools

Educating the tourists of tomorrow is one of our main goals as an organization.  With education, students will be equipped with the tools to make informed choices about being a responsible tourist.  The tourists of tomorrow can help to alleviate many of the environmental, economic, and cultural issues associated with tourism.  

There are 1.1 billion international tourists every year and the number continues to grow.  Using a conservative number, we can predict that one-in-ten students will become an international traveler later in life.  At a large high school of two-thousand students, that would mean two-hundred individuals taking an international trip a year.  If those two-hundred travelers use one plastic water bottle a day, then in one week 1,400 plastic bottles would be used.  This is an amazing amount of waste for one week!  Many of the places visited do not have a recycling or waste removal program.  There are many other issues surrounding irresponsible tourism and educating the youth of today can help make for a better tomorrow.

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