Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions may help guide your experience with World Progress Now.  If there is anything not covered below we advise you to contact us directly.

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What do donations go towards?

Currently, Donations go towards administrative costs, building out the Responsible Tourism Infrastructure, promoting local identities, and the creation of Local Discount Cards.

What is #gowithoutplastic all about?

 #gowithout plastic is the first of many campaigns promoted by World Progress Now.  The goal here is to get travelers and people in their everyday life who move anywhere off of single use plastic products.

What is Responsible Tourism

World Progress Now defines Responsible Tourism as individuals, businesses, and governments who act ethically and authentically as it pertains to locals' economic and cultural practices. With regards to the environment, our organization believes that avoiding single use plastic and paper, walking and using public transportation is acting responsibly. 

As a hotel owner what can I do?

You can eliminate plastic water bottles, shampoo and conditioner bottles, and any other one time use plastics with reusable dispensers.