Vulture Winery located in Sonoma, California is a proud sponsor of World Progress Now’s initiatives. For every bottle of wine purchased, Fifty percent of the profits are donated to World Progress Now to help educate, advocate, and create a positive tourism experience for local communities and tourists alike. 

Please contact us if your business is interested in supporting World Progress Now as a Sponsor organization.  



One World Language is located in the Seoul Metro area. One World is a language and culture academy that provides high quality language instruction for adults. We value personal human connections in education. Thus, our goal is to provide the best possible service to the Pangyo community that will help our students in their personal and professional lives.

Our instruction methodology breaks the traditional model of rote memorization and lecturing, and focuses on stimulating high student interaction and engagement. While our focus is in   language education, through our specialized curriculum, including Global Topics and Media & Culture, One World hopes to inspire environmental and humanitarian consciousness.