Cultural Identity Preservation

Traveling is exploring the uniqueness and diversity of other cultures. Do you want to travel through a theme park built for tourists, or experience real cultural traditions? Learn how to recognize authentic experiences without exploiting cultural identities.

Strong Local Economies

Tourism can generate a large amount of revenue. Unfortunately not all of it benefits the local economy. Learn how to support the local economy when you travel.

Environmental Protection

Plastic is one of the greatest contaminants of our time. It packages everything from shampoo to water bottles and often gets left behind in the places we visit. Learn how to reduce your plastic consumption and be an eco-savy traveler.

With over 1.1 billion tourists taking an international trip every year, tourism continues to be an unstoppable force...let's make it a force for good.

Responsible Tourism

Tourism is the number one industry in many economies. There is a large impact brought to infrastructure and the environment. Learn how you can be a responsible tourist and have a positive impact on the communities you visit.