World Progress Now realizes the substantial impact tourism has on the planet. While there are many benefits tourism brings to a community, we recognize that there are many unfortunate negative impacts. We strive to provide real solutions to these problems through education, awareness, and action.

Our current goals include: growing public awareness, educating tomorrow’s tourists, providing an alternative to using plastic while traveling, creating efficient tourist transportation, creating benefits for locals, and promoting authentic cultural identity in tourist destinations.

We believe there should be access to sanitary water systems in public places. The option to use refillable canteens instead of buying expensive plastic beverage bottles should be more widely accepted. It is a healthier alternative for the environment and a better consumer choice.

We work with the local community to preserve traditional culture and identity. Using this method we encourage responsible tourism in relation to these cultural values and offer authentic cultural experiences.

World Progress Now helps to bridge the information gap with local government agencies, businesses, and institutions of learning, other nonprofits, innovative companies, and the tourists themselves in order to redefine the paradigm of tourism.