How to Be a Responsible Tourist

How to Be a Responsible Tourist

The responsible tourism challenge is designed to encourage individuals to achieve a symbiotic relationship with their host communities, while gaining priceless experiences on the road.

The challenge is such:

1. Do not use any form of plastic while traveling. Do not buy anything packaged in plastic or other one-time use packaging. This makes shopping hard, but local markets are the way to go here.

2. Use reusable cloth bags while shopping

3. Use refillable canteens for water, coffee, and any other beverage that might be sold in a one-time use container.

4. Stay at hotels that don’t use disposable plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles, or use your own bar shampoo and conditioner.

5. Use the greenest possible transportation available, walking or biking whenever possible. Trains, busses, and collective vans tend to win the prize here. Do your best with this one.

6. Try and stay at hotels or hostels that locals own and work. Avoid large international hotel chains and especially avoid all-inclusive hotel packages. If there is an international presence then there will be a significant amount of economic benefit escaping the country. Make sure that employees of these hotels are paid a decent livable wage.

7. Buy things from locals that are authentic and were made by the individuals. Shop in artisan cooperatives or certified artisan markets.

8. Always opt to recycle your cans, glass, and bottles if facilities exist. Do your part and clean up rivers, oceans, and trash you see. Let’s keep our parks clean!


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The ocean is no place for our trash.

Even our youth recognize the need for responsible recycling.