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“It is so refreshing to be exposed to new creative ideas how to reduce our company and personal impact on our environment.

Our company is located in Sonoma County, California, a region well know for its wineries. Each year thousands of tourists come to experience the beautiful wine country. We learned a lot about the link between tourism and the environment. Most importantly, thanks to World Progress Now, we have concrete steps our team and our clients who are in the tourism industry can take to protect our environment and its precious resources.”

Virginie Dorn – CEO of Business Website Center, Inc.

“This is an amazing powerhouse of an organization, dedicated to making the world a better place by promoting actions that will slow mankind’s destruction of our planet.”

Jeffrey Baker – Winemaker of Vulture Winery

“They shared how the current state of tourism is not sustainable to local environments, economies, and cultures. They have taught me about plastic water bottles and the impact on our planet. They have taught me about the lies we’ve been sold around recycling.

And I’m convinced. I believe in them. I support what they care about at their non-profit,

World Progress Now.”

Matthew Gallizzi – Founder of HX Works