Our Mission

About Us

World Progress Now is a social benefit organization founded on the principle of responsible tourism. We believe that we are all tourists on this planet. As tourists, we have the power to help people maintain and promote their traditional identities, empower them economically, and protect the environment.


Our mission is to protect local environments, economies, and cultures from the negative impacts of tourism.


Our vision is to develop awareness of the economic, social, and the environmental impacts of tourism worldwide. We develop policy solutions and promote equitable economic practices. We support responsible tourism that protects cultural tradition, heritage, and identity. We encourage positive environmental change through innovative solutions.


Equitable: Promoting fairness and balance in the needs of the economy, society, and environment
Ethical: Behaving in a trustworthy, honest, transparent and culturally sensitive manner
Educative: Encouraging people to make a change
Innovative: Finding sustainable solutions to common problems


1. To grow public awareness
2. To educate tomorrow’s tourists
3. To prevent, fix, and control waste in tourist areas
4. To advocate for cleaner vehicles as to aid to better air quality
5. To put in place water stations and reusable containers to eliminate water and plastic waste
6. To fix economic inequalities concerning local populations due to tourism’s impact on prices of goods and housing
7. To implement policies that reduce economic leakage in tourist locations
8. To minimize tourisms effect on socio-cultural traditions and customs.
9. To advocate for local peoples to maintain their identities through education and custom reintegration of native practices
10. To mitigate subsequent consumerism on native groups

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