Responsible Tourism Development

Responsible Tourism Development #responsibletourism

World Progress Now believes that if we build it then they will use it.  The responsible tourism infrastructure starts with the build out of hydration stations in tourist destinations.  Our organization has started at the local level in Northern California and would eventually like to spread to the rest of the state, country, and globe.  We believe that tourists need an alternative to buying plastic water bottles and buying one time use plastics and other waste.  The responsible tourism infrastructure would also include a registry (map) of organizations and businesses that offer authentic cultural experiences, as well as those businesses that are economically responsible.  Supporters and champions that are providing alternatives to help make responsible travel possible and are helping to eliminate the negative issues associated with tourism will also help form this infrastructure.  The goal here is to implement a seamless network that satisfies the basic needs of travel.

The build out of the responsible tourism infrastructure would enable one to travel to Cancun, Mexico with ease.  One could fill his/her canteen in the airport when he or she arrives, then could move onto the hotel or hostel that has a filtered hydration station.  One could then go on excursions to Chichen Itza and refill his or her canteen there with filtered water. One could shop using a reusable bag at a local market and avoid waste.  One could stay at a hotel that has been labeled a Champion of World Progress Now and states that all of the profits made will be kept in that community and minimizes waste.  One could learn to cook a traditional Mayan meal using traditional utensils and techniques.  One could take a language and religion class that informed the traveler of the people who live in the area and their unique history.  The idea of being a responsible traveler can be a reality if the infrastructure is built.  With your help and support we can build this network one piece at a time.

World Progress Now also works with cities and counties to develop tourism responsibly from the ground up. Contact us. We look forward to working with local groups in your area to build the responsible tourism infrastructure!

Our goals are to raise funds in order to donate hydration stations/ filtered water stations and help locals build culturally sensitive businesses and promote economic fairness.  Please help us build the responsible tourism infrastructure.

This hydration stations is located in the San Francisco International Airport.